Here stories from letters which come to Natalia Ivanovne from every corner of the globe are published. It for outlook expansion that people could learn more about secrets of a universe.  


Has rescued Angela

From the letter:« My grandfather has died. Therefore I have decided to reveal its secret which shortly before the death he has told to me. In war my grandfather served in aircraft. Once it has taken off on the task. There was a silent dark night. Unexpectedly at the plane the motor has refused, it began to lose height. My grandfather was deeply believing person, and he began to shout a prayer to which he was taught by my great-grandmother. The Earth promptly go-blizhala, and suddenly from anywhere there was intolerably bright light from which of eyes of the grandfather tears have begun to flow. He has felt, as someone has embraced him. The silhouette of a white, bright stain was similar to a silhouette of the huge person which behind the back had not that a parachute, not that wings. The grandfather remembered all life careful, but strong embrace of the person-bird, or Angela which has lowered it on the earth. When the grandfather has regained consciousness, it lay on the earth in a grass, and its developed parachute nearby lay. On a body was not a uniform scratch, it was safe and sound. It is natural that the grandfather never told to nobody about the wonderful rescue. In the report he has written to the chief that itself has jumped out of the burning plane. He has told to me about it literally three days prior to the death. Still the grandfather told (and it have confirmed native) that a week later after falling at it the grey hair began to vanish. Before falling hair at the grandfather were with streaks of grey, and it has returned from front without uniform grey-haired hair. To the death the grandfather was strong and healthy and has died in extreme old age with a black head of hear and a beard ».

Marriage on a dead soul

My grandmother told to me very interesting case. In one village married the guy. Have married off to it in the wife the bride not local and somehow it is painfully strange. According to mother of the groom, business was so: «In strong snowstorm visiting people have knocked to them and have asked to wait for them the raged blizzard. The blizzard and really was extremely strong, for three metres of anything around it is not visible.«We people rather well-to-do, - have told unexpected visitors, - and we will necessarily well pay to you for a lodging for the night». From sledge have brought in the house the big bag and here already on a master's table spread house balyks, dainties, wine and cheeses. In those days for village it there were unprecedented delicacies.Visitors were dressed up as princes. On the guest there was expensive sable fur coat and a cap. Hands at it were in rings, and in ears big and, probably, expensive earrings. The husband of the guest has been dressed not worse and smoked a tube made of amber.On its fingers expensive rings too sparkled, the huge green stone on the little finger of the left hand was especially beautiful. Hasn't passed also hour as visitors and owners have become tipsy from tasty overseas wine, and already it seemed that they were familiar long time.Master's son Ivanko, truth sat at a table with them, he did not drink alcohol but only it was treated with unexpectedly come entertainments. Visitors praised the master's son and spoke: «the Good sonny at you, here to us of such son-in-law, at us is a daughter, and for it we give a considerable dowry».The husband with the mistress, Zahar and Melanja, have exchanged glances, probably they liked possibility to marry the son, что­бы thereby to get out of the bothered need. Little by little, have agreed and have settled that children they will marry and will marry. At once it has been stipulated both gifts, and wedding time. They left in the morning how very close people leave. Ivan has not told the to the father and mother a uniform word against, after all during that time of children often married, taking from other villages of the groom or the bride. Young for the first time saw each other only on wedding. And here that is strange, lived then spouses го­раздо more amicably, than now when the guy the girl meet (are on friendly terms) on a year. A week later the three has approached on the house of Zahara and Melani. Sledge left the maiden and has gone to them to a hut. The coachman has brought behind it trace chests, a box and bags. In chests there was expensive ware, it is a lot of money and any house utensils. The maiden was called as Aleksandroj and has told that it is sent to them by mother and the father. The coachman has asked owners to check up, whether all is whole from the promised dowry that has been brought with its bride native which promised to arrive to them very soon.When Alexander has removed the top clothes, UviYodel Ivan of surprising beauty the maiden. Its pitch plaits бы­ли below knees, its skin was snow-white, and the camp is flexible and beautiful. Alexanders waited month for parents, but they and haven't arrived. Ivan, looking at the beauty the bride, has fallen in love, yes so that has ceased to eat. Having regretted Ivan, parents have conferred between themselves and have blest them. The girl has resignedly obeyed and began to live with Ivan as with the husband. About native she never spoke, on the economy never did. And at first the economy at them wasn't any. The rich dowry was useful, began Zahar to buy with Melanej any new things. Have bought cattle, clothes, ware, but the daughter - in-law they work didn't worry, didn't force. Only painfully strange was at them young. Muffled up even at hot heated oven. Hands and feet at it painfully froze. Will dress the sable fur coat, and with top still with the down shawl will throw and sits, hands having extended to fire, cold, as if the ice tsarina. Ivan loved very much the wife and mourned that she doesn't love it, never will caress, won't embrace, looks at it so as if doesn't see.

Once he has woken up among night, has looked, and the wife nearby is not present, left in a court yard, went, looked and has suddenly seen that she comes out of the wood. On a question where it was, she has answered that to it it was heavy and is stuffy, and it has gone to wood, there, a pier air more purely and more vigorously. Ivan began to notice that it happens too often. He will wake up in the middle of night, and the wife nearby is not present. He has decided it to keep watch. And here he once pretended to be strong sleeping and when Alexander has risen and left, it has gone also for the wife. Stealthily there was Ivan behind it trace and when has understood that it has come on tombs, was surprised and frightened.
Ivan wanted it to call, call, and here it услыхал that she with someone speaks. In silence of a cemetery its voice was well audible: «the Father, the mother, I want to return again to you, life in this world is heavy to me, in vain you at the sacred have asked me. You lie in silence and rest, and I here, on the earth, choke and I grieve. The spouse I of the hateful do not love also the the father-in-law I do not suffer». So spoke with tears of AleksanYodra and all dropped to the thrown tombs. And here по­нял Ivan that he lived with dead soul which any miracle among live people has appeared. Or her parents knew the magica word to revive, or to her death on the second life have bought - such the higher magicians-magicians were able to do. There live such dead people, and anybody about them knows nothing.
Anyway, they only have brought the daughter to Alexander and have married off it to Ivan, and then on the old place, on a cemetery, have returned. Here Ivan for fear as will cry, has turned back on its voice of AlekYosandra and was gone, as if under the earth has left. Since then it already nobody saw, and Ivan strongly was ill. PridaYonoe Alexanders has disappeared, as if it never and was not. Seeing that Ivan can disappear, have brought it to my great-grandmother who long treated it, but all the same all its illness has passed.
My great-grandmother has told this case to my grandmother Eudoxia, she has told to me, and I as could, have transferred it to you. To the modern person this story, can, I as the master, to you I will tell will seem unreal: there were cases and is more wonderful!


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