It is devoted to my dear and favourite grandmother Maria.

Both on all other pages of a site, and on this, it will be a question only that show in the sleep. In general very seldom happens when I hear what be explanations, usually simply I am present at different places and I observe of an event. But since you get in not a familiar place it would be desirable to look round, turn at once a head, большее to clasp space, and to time give very little probably, what even and has not noticed the main thing or not so has understood. I add nothing, as have managed to understand and I tell. Therefore can that and not so, but as is indeed, and here do not judge too severely ЕAs it will be added, that to is originally known to me.


Soul Ц blood Ц spirit Ц eternity - such is a way of human soul.

Each time when is born дите, we rejoice to that the new person was born, but it is not absolutely correct, since the person, and the human soul granted by the Creator and to which possibility to live ETERNALLY is given was born not!
The birth of each person on a planet is known for hundreds and thousand years since this information is stored in the Great Channel of history.
Always were, is and there will be people who thanks to the knowledge, can read out the information from the Channel.
The soul is given by the Founder and by means of Angels is installed in a womb of the woman where there is "binding" of soul to a fruit at the moment of its formation. To each soul the destiny is already prepared and is already defined not only how she will live, but even as when will think. Certainly also hour of terrestrial death, to within a second is defined.
The destiny of the person is written by Letopisets (call its Adanatos), its plural servants are more exact spin destiny from Annals where God through Angels brings the tests or chooses to itself attendants, but also the lord of the lowest world makes the amendments. The destiny of the person concerning its patrimonial Ђlife treesї, т.е ancestors of the person by birth is made, in a basis 12 generations living till a birth of the person usually undertake. As dates of birth of the person, year, day, hour, month, church holidays, an arrangement of planets, a name of the person and certainly all sins of 12 knees which are prayed for forgiveness also which are considered are not prayed for forgiveness. It is very sophisticated science and there is no sense to learn it thoroughly. It is not enough nobility as date of birth influences destiny of the person or this or that sin left ancestors, it is necessary to be able to correct it or as speak Ц to interrupt will of Letopistsa.
When the person and what his death would not be dies, people always say that on all will Divine. That is the person has broken or was hung up, washed down or has sunk, - people consider so is prepared by God.
There are no ladies and gentlemen, God never accustoms to drinking the person and does not dress a loop on a neck, It sends nobody to kill and plunder, He marries nobody and does not plant, It gives the wife, not the husband Е. зто duties of Letopistsa that there was a life on a planet. God corrects a universe!

Living terrestrial life, the person studies in different craft both all this knowledge and abilities settle in a shower, unfortunately, settle in a shower and all passions, habits, character Е.
The human soul is a full copy of the person, only in other appearance. In destiny of each person there are "rainy days", it when ЂAngela of good and harm converge and solve, whose top over soul will be. In these cases the person remains live or dies. At each person of such days it is some and their quantity depends on very many reasons.

But here the person has lived life and hour of death approaches. Before death behind soul of the person comes Angela of death why that it always draw with a plait (I I consider that this blasphemy). All that will be said by the person before last exhalation (will confess or will swear), Angela to death will transfer to God. As soon as will occur Ђотцепкаї souls from a flesh, smothering already more has no will. The first, about two days, a shower is in our measurement and accompanied Angela death and Angela of the keeper it visits places where at terrestrial life created good. But basically it is in the house at a coffin or near the house where the person has died. All depends on the lived human life, from a season, from weather conditions and from a cause of death. In the first days, the soul is very weak at power level and stay in our world to it is very inconvenient. It is necessary to know that the soul of the died person all sees also all hears and certainly reads thoughts of people.
For the third day of the deceased bury, make помин. In general people consider that the body betrayed to the earth is simply given to hearts. It is not true, there on depth of two metres other world, the world of spirits and after burial the body slowly begins transition in other world separate with all the heart. After поминального a table, soul take away in a next world. So the first time conduct soul on bow to the Founder.
It is necessary to tell that throughout all 40 days of Angela Ц the keeper accompanies soul deceased, and also petitions before God for it, and even after 40_го day will ask the Lord about a pardon of sins of soul though here depends on that much as there lived the person as has died also what on Angela sanctity Ц the Keeper. After bow, soul conduct for six days in Paradise and show all its delights, including a monastery, an Adam's garden, life trees, temples Е.But nevertheless for guilty to a shower some places, places sacred, will be closed and the more so it never learns paradise pleasure since it begins after 40_го day.
At this time for the first time for all existence, the soul understands the essence, and realises that the eternity is granted it. For the first time, having seen all beauty of Paradise, the soul regrets for not correctly lived terrestrial life and realising all sinfulness, understands that all it now will be deprived. For the first time for all life, the guilty soul repents, more than ever still it did not do. But life has passed that is made, is made and of a coffin will not jump out any more and life anew will not live Е

For the ninth day, soul deceased again conduct on bow to the Founder. This day is very important as a hobby. Relatives of the deceased try to pray this day for deceased more than when or and to do good deeds. If the deceased has lived life very justly (observing all canons and without having mortal sins) on favour Divine, it will be allowed to soul to see souls of the died relatives, besides, if smothering all terrestrial life has devoted to God and people, renouncing terrestrial delights, the soul can ask for God for native who remained on the earth to change their destiny and this request will be executed. I underline that it is given only to very just people. To sinners will not allow even to see the native mother. So, how many the person will pay to God during lifetime of terrestrial, the award in heavens will be that.

After the ninth day, soul for a month conduct in a hell and show all horror of this place. The hell is very many-sided. For those who does not know, I will tell that as God has a throne, and the devil has a throne for it is told Ц that on top and on a bottom. And as God in three faces, and a devil in three faces and each of three has the name the power and a place. The majority of people consider that the hell is where eternal fire, but it not so though certainly, there is there a place and with fire Е.
For the fortieth day, soul last time accompanied is released on the earth, it is present for поминальным a table, visits the могилку, once again bypasses places to which has been adhered at terrestrial life, last time will look on native and for ever leaves this world Е. This day Ђdistributors of soulsї appoint to it a place, depending on the lived terrestrial life where it and will be till the Doomsday Е such is a way of human soul!

Where there are souls of the died people?

Mankind this question always interested. When I have come to belief, this question too was on the first place Ц where there are my died ancestors and where I can come? People for the terrestrial life ask a miscellaneous from God who of health, happiness, a family, children Е, but personally to me very much would be desirable to learn that after death Е.именно all my requests and entreaties consisted in it and to God.
This theme very big but if to tell shortly who had no all on a shower of mortal sins and has lived life approximately on severity of a monastery, all get to Paradise, the others in a hell. I have heard from old people that in a soul hell boil in a copper with pitch, and devils вилами stir them. Actually it not so though in these words there is a big element of truth.

For the fortieth day after death of the person, distributors of souls decide it to consider, i.e. where will go smothering. The Lord сподобил, and I in the spirit of was present at such distribution.
In general "distributors" are souls of the died people, which on service at God. Which have devoted all terrestrial life to God, and continue this way in heavens. I do not mean sacred, no, churches such people are not known, but their thousand. Who both in everyday life and on holidays had one одежка who has refused the power, riches and all terrestrial pleasures who is really pure before God.
At shower distribution any more has no will and it who does not ask, why it so a vein terrestrial life since it any more has no value. Here first of all its obedience is considered праведность souls, at terrestrial life, its virtue and how much the soul strongly refused terrestrial pleasures, all is considered to last trifle. As abilities of human soul, its latent possibilities if such God has allocated the given soul are important. If the person strongly loved also all life prayed to what that sacred the given sacred will be present thus and its word can be even solving. Certainly, it is a question of souls of the believing people who do not have on heavy sins. What sacred will not incur a sinful burden of soul, it it is nothing it. From the prince of darkness there will be too representatives, having the book of sins of human soul, thereby will demand the right to the given soul. If the virtue bowl draws a bowl of sins Angela takes away soul and take away it on certain "sky", it yet Paradise, but it near Paradise where the soul can continue the prayful way to God. Places this God shines The with light, it is a lot of such places and they are very interesting Е. Even The Christ on holidays visits these places where believers kiss a cross and Misters glorify. Basically though such souls more many that are deprived, but eternal life is already prepared by it!

For this purpose that the soul after terrestrial life could enter into the Paradise monastery, the person should live terrestrial life approached to the monastic. I tell it not on the fiction and since to me it have shown. For this purpose the person should not have on a shower of such sins as murder, кровосмешивание, acts against belief and church, to be the nondrinker, not to talk smut, observe all posts, to be the beggar, to observe all established prayful rules and constantly to create good deeds. Without these key rules to dream of occurrence in Paradise, there is no sense. In the people say that it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear. For this purpose me in the spirit of transferred to different measurements of a next world and there was I there only the observer.
Here so once (in day 40 мучен) me have moved to a purgatory. The seen horror words not to transfer, but nevertheless I will try.
I have seen a place which is deep underground, so it is great that it is possible to compare only to ocean, but only instead of water Ц a black stone. In what party do not look, the end to it is not present, all leaves for horizon though the sky there is not present. On this stone surface people (soul of people) are put. They are put by equal numbers, distance between them approximately 40-50 centimetres. Though they stand still, but will move aside at least on centimetre, they cannot. Persons at all are closed and to see nearby standing they cannot. They are put as slaves before the mister. To tell them the rights it is not given, and there are no at them for this purpose forces. Their stay in such condition bears in itself knowledge of belief and expiation of sins. God said that who will not believe here, that will believe there. Their condition also is belief knowledge, knowledge of God and Its full power over all creation. For such closed condition of a shower feels the big requirement at least a water or air drink. So occurs thousand years. But it yet the most terrible. From depth каменей, the soul is influenced by physical torments which in many, are many times more awful than constant requirement for water and food. These torments are the watchman and the keeper of soul, from possibility to a shower to descend from a place. They so are awful that I even am afraid to speak about it. I will tell only that at terrestrial life the person would die for a minute, and even it is less, since the body cannot sustain such influence, but the soul cannot die Е.к сожаленью Е How many there a shower, tell difficultly, likely only the Keeper knows, but I think that it is a lot of, many billions Е.

So souls in twilight, with the closed person, choking and being parched with thirst and a terrible pain in feet, being washed by the tears, will bath the sins. Only from time to time, on great favour Divine, souls are released for short term that could have a rest from tortures, and then all is started over again Е.

As I advise to read the story under the reference, it can to a clod that will help to realise meaning of the life:

the Message from a next world.

Where there are souls of dead tsars, kings, presidents?

Deeply underground there is a place, the wide fiery river flows there, here on this river on certain supports there are souls. To escape or even to descend from a shower place cannot, there is no possibility. From different directions the soul is washed by fire, beginning from heels and to level of the person. It not pitch, and fire though it also is not similar on our terrestrial, but a flame all time "dances" as on an example at a fire, and smothering all tries to evade from a flame. I could not consider their person, was far, metres forty, and the soul stops for a second since all tries to evade from tongues of flame though theoretically it it is not possible since fire from different directions.
Certainly, it to read very easily, but even to look at this horror, all inside turns over. Certainly, it is impossible to feel what pain suffers smothering. Here likely all pain human, all tears and sufferings of mankind, which притерпел the people from the governors is collected.
Worse places do not happen.
In the same place there are souls of murderers who has made many abortions who destroyed temples and discredited Christ's belief.
That who read the gospel, time and again found words of the Lord where He said that in a hell will be cry also a gnashing of teeth. Souls in a purgatory, and here a gnashing of teeth, it just that place cry. The people having the power over people, without knowing universe laws, considered, what exactly God has put them on this place to correct, and having come to the world other, God has prepared for them the deserved place.

It is necessary to know my dear that before God all of us are equal both shepherds and governors and precepts are identical to all. All know that thanks to occult sciences, it is possible to cause spirits dead to learn any secret. For example, from a purgatory nevertheless spirits cause, but from this place, never spirits touch, since the exorcist can not cope with spirit and by that to lose life.


Where there are souls of people committed suicide?

Souls of people which have taken the own life, and as not крещенных and not read the burial service, also they home do not start up are compelled to remain in our world. After death of a shower it is very weak, but having passed in the world other where - that in a year of a shower will get stronger. Smother being in our world of such possibility have no and in some years they forget all terrestrial life,
Turning to a lump of the black energy, searching for any source only to be supported.
Usually children, at which weak Angela - the Keeper, and as not крещеные people undertake,
Since vital force is simply necessary to spirits, that still though a little to exist.
Despite that the orthodox belief does not suppose burial service of suicides, there are cases when the Lord forgives the suicide and by that pass soul in a next world. After all situations happen different both believing and merciful people, without having coped with tests, leave in such a way life, and the Lord judges us first of all for acts, for cleanliness of the lived life.

What else there are places where there are souls of the dead?

After terrestrial life each soul gets to the measurement, depending on the lived life.
In spite of the fact that this figure to me named, I will not tell it, whether since I do not know it is true, I will tell only that in a next world it is a lot of measurements (places). Here it will be a question still ободном.
In general in the people say that it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear, it so, but it is necessary to show too with mind. That very much it is pleasant to me in these images that all present so wisely that questions do not arise any more.
In general I the inhabitant of countryside, and we peasants live under other laws, we know about friends and companions, about colleagues and enemies, almost all (подноготное). In cities a situation another, people can live all life on one staircase and not know as call the neighbour.
It to that I see in places of people beyond the grave which I well knew or I know. They are people from my environment, the majority of them are live, many are much younger than me, and even schoolboys of the senior classes. I well know all of them, I know their way of life, good and bad.
The one who tries to learn true, knows that, everyone lives on hand-written and is defined not only as the person but also where after death will get will live, all is distributed for a long time already.
Remember apostles, after all lived to itself lived, a small fish caught also the nobility did not know that their names and their places are already defined by the Creator.
In orthodox belief (in other as well as in others) is not present division of sins and the person cannot tell how many its burden though at desire it is possible to learn weighs, but it is other theme. Therefore what is better to understand, who where after death gets, at what way of life, to me and show people whom it is good to me are known.
That I can tell about these people. Well in the first, anything bad. They are people cultural, polite, I never saw, that they got drunk, (so I will drink a little on holidays), never heard from them any abusive word, they killed nobody and never nothing stole (there where they work there is nothing to steal), they are always tidy dressed, not злобливы, are not loud Ц simply example for imitation! Whether believers they Ц are not present! Well certainly they name themselves orthodox, carry a cross, sometimes go to church put candles and everything, on it obedience to God comes to an end.
All of them certainly want to live terrestrial life more beautifully, more richly, change work, I change apartments, cars, like to travel, in a word people as people. And that after death Ц the HELL!
Having got to this place, I saw there to well me familiar people, near relations who there already is (though they also are live) and spoke with them, I did not see their tortures, can them have not shown, and can them in this place was not present, I do not know, but except sand, stones and twilight (as in twilight), I there more saw nothing Ц a hell, it and is a hell and theoretically it cannot be without torments. In the same places there are souls when them release for small time that could have a rest a little from torments.

Now heavy time and Russia has become corrupted. To people inspire that the main thing, a pier you believe in God and you will escape. My dear never trust in it. The devil too believes in God also all evil spirits believes in God and not for a second does not doubt, since had honour even to see God and to speak with It, but after all they not in Paradise! The belief my darlings is obedience to God in everything, it and is love for God, instead of a cross on a breast.


Where there are souls of believers, the righteous persons observing precepts of God?

People innocent do not happen, for example - the man having looked on
The woman having thought – it is good – has already sinned.
But a sin to a sin all the same рознь and from such sin before murder it is far. The world beyond the grave is great also secrets in this world big set. Me always very much interested, where that side, between paradise and a hell, between torments and pleasure how nevertheless to live terrestrial life to enter into the Monastery of eternal life???!
And here again, as before to me have allowed in the spirit of to see the next secret. Also there was I at an input in Heavenly Tsarstvie, at doors of the Paradise Monastery and observed, who enters into the Heavenly City! A door in Paradise all from gold, on it drawing is put what that, (I have not understood its value), a door such small, and very narrow that each entering bends, as though bowing to God. As everything looked, I will not tell, but to that has seen, I can tell that the one who has lived life at monastery level can enter into Paradise only, observing all canons of Orthodoxy and renouncing this world. Besides, the person should not have on a shower of heavy sins yet which even in monastery difficultly pray for forgiveness.
Speaking to simple languages, the person should not have on a shower: murders, abortions, wine пити¤, a floor-mat, кровосмешивани¤, acts against belief and church to observe all posts and the church rules, concerning clothes, marriage, to be the beggar and even thoughts and that should be pure … about all it I will tell more low, with examples from life of people.
Likely the majority of people thinks that all priests and in particular priests enter into Paradise - there are no my darlings. Whom has the Lord accepted in Paradise, those now we people consider Sacred, and where then the others???
Do not think that I want whom to offend or humiliate that, no, I never put such purpose, I simply separate truth from lie, belief from hypocrisy, I open – TRUE, to trust or not to trust this private affair of everyone and where he wants to be in Paradise or in a hell, the person should solve itself … but the person should understand the main thing that when he will die, anything it will be already impossible to change ….но we will return to Righteous persons.
I will not tell in detail as Paradise or a hell looks, it is impossible to do it and to me many saw, and now such people are.
For this purpose, to enter into the Monastery, the person at terrestrial life should have time to pray for forgiveness and expiate the sins.

On 40 oh day, after death of the person, Divine судители (distributors of souls) on behalf of God and at will of God, on the basis of the lived terrestrial human life, appoint a place to a human soul where it will be till the Doomsday. Soul of the righteous person, Angela take away on the Sky where the soul will not have torments, and will pray for forgiveness the sins, for occurrence in the Monastery for eternal life.
Just souls are not in Paradise, and in measurements near Paradise.
I could be in these parts. There God shines all with the light. I have not understood, how it occurs, light, purely white, not such as in our world, and white, white shines all. From непривычности, at first it seems that too all is white, but such sensation only at first. There I saw the Tree of eternal life, with fruits for eternity. In appearance it is similar to our terrestrial apple-tree, only fruits on it all different, at first it seems very much not habitually and even raises a smile. The tree has a keeper, it not terrible, but very original. In the same place in heavenly measurements there are temples where souls of the just pray for forgiveness the sins for eternity (a residual sin) and as sins some kind of or beg that or for living relatives, and as for those who was not born yet so - as they know who will be born in their sort and with what destiny.
Temples there are not similar on our terrestrial, but their appointment too most where souls pray not before God, and before images.
Staying in those places in the spirit of, there are things which not so were pleasant. In the first – it is very cold. Such sensation as though in the autumn when in the street all degrees seven heats, to walk in one shirt to freeze will not freeze, but sensation not the pleasant. But souls get used in due course, besides this time inconvenience while there is no body. And still, when you lift eyes to top it is a little terrible as the sky habitual to us there is not present.
Likely many consider that as Sacred, and righteous persons in the next world day and night ask God about us, but it not so. It is necessary to understand the main thing that
Souls just people have returned not to a next world, namely home, for this purpose to live eternally, to live. Still I want to tell that if in this or that sort there are souls which are in such measurements, souls just they will try as that about it to inform the living.
Now on the Internet there is much that, people sometimes name a next world – the thin world. My dear – there is no thin world. The Earth there too the earth, stones as stones, gold as gold and souls there do not fly, they go by the ground, there simply other physical laws. Yes the plant and animal life there another, but difference only is in molecular structure as not animals, not people from our matter, cannot there, they will die at once. It is possible to be only in an image of spirit (soul) as bases of our physical world are not necessary to it. Certainly, all our terrestrial entertainments there are not present.
The person would not adjust what palaces, what beautiful pictures would not draw, songs has not written – all it perishably. Day will come and all will disappear, as though it and was never. But if the person of art has lived just life it can embody the talent and is in the next world eternal.
I could see it. Certainly, such conditions as on the earth there are not present. All looks so: what be the actor comes on a height (on the big stone), and souls, them very much around gather, it is a lot of. Among spectators I saw the fellow countrymen, they have died for a long time, I then still was the child but when them has seen at once has learnt.
It is necessary to tell that when we people speak about spirits we represent them as something foggy, transparent, but such they happen when visit our world, our measurement, in the next world they look just as we and are dressed in in what them have buried.


How souls of the dead can help the live?

Always, at all times people resorted to the help of spirits (a shower of the died people). And basically for this purpose to learn something secret, for example: who has killed, who has stolen, to learn cherished secrets about any person on the earth and certainly
The destiny, date of the death and cause of death and all future. The spirit of the dead knows everything as has access to the History Channel, but not all spirits happen are talkative and not all come into contact.
But very few people knows, all possibilities of dead souls.
At all times people knew only that imposed to them, and all the rest remains behind a screen, and at all to that is secret, and is simple preachers of it did not know, yes however do not know and on nowadays …
If the person who tried to live during lifetime justly to such soul it is possible to address with any request for the help has died.
Such souls can relieve the person of any illness, change destiny, connect or dissolve any people, ward off disaster, enemies to punish enemies or to reconcile, better to say the spirit can help with any business, except life prolongation. For example, as the radiculitis, spirit can cure such incurable illness for one night, the person will go to bed the patient, and will wake up the healthy. On disposal of a cancer some months can leave. Here all depends at most spirit, on neglect of illness and from праведности the patient. The праведней there lives the person, the easier to it to help and the праведней there was died, the more strongly its spirit.
Here it is necessary to tell that the spirit can cure deadly illnesses, but to it is not allowed to prolong life, that is to transfer hour of death living which is defined Letopistsem. For life prolongation other ways are used and address to other forces.
But the problem consists what to find spirits - assistants, very difficult. Even related spirits not all want to help, and strangers especially. Besides it is possible to address only to souls of those people who not in a purgatory who has died a natural death and in senses and sober and is desirable after seven years after death. Here it is a question of the voluntary help when the spirit helps without compulsion. There are even compulsory ways, but it absolutely another. The person who has decided to address to spirit - to the patron, should know the following:
Address only to those spirits whom you very much loved during lifetime, respected, with whom you never quarrelled also who loved you. The person should always prays for such soul, to do good deeds, to submit for soul of favour and certainly should try to live without a sin since even such sin as wine on holidays, leaves a negative mark and the spirit dead is heavy for helping.
I tell it is all to that if now the person will live justly after death it can help the children and grandsons from a next world. Life in the future will be very heavy and unaided it will be from above difficult to survive.
Besides it is necessary to know that a body of the person after operation do not treat Divine force, all will be useless. After operation it is broken not only a flesh, but also soul. Other bodies which are not touched by a knife can be treated. The person it should know and resort to operation only as a last resort when all is already tried. Happens certainly when the Lord helps and after operation, but these are rare occurences.
I remind that here it is a question of souls of simple people, instead of about Sacred.
The sacred will not help with wordly affairs, they not for this purpose renounced this world then to make you more richly, more happily, more beautifully as all is a sin. To the help Sacred, resort on another and for other purposes.
Well and if to speak in general about souls dead happens that resort to the help even to restless souls, but with other requests.
In the end I will tell that for this purpose to resort to the help of spirits it is necessary to know special prayers, without them it will not turn out. In молитвослове such prayers are not present.

Whether it is possible to deduce souls of ancestors from a hell?

Yes, it is possible, but the price for it is very high!
Now, looking back back, I remember myself what was, when have come to belief. Silly, naive, blind, it would be desirable to learn all and that all at once.
All of us come to belief blind sheep, but the main thing in that on the way to God the person all the same has begun to see clearly that has not died and remained blind ….
Has already passed a lot of time since then and the Lord сподобил me to see of what I even could not dream.
I could see as planets are born, being in a free space, saw world creation, I have passed through death and have felt those sensations on myself which occur during death. Saw as has been buried and as looked at the world from a tomb, saw all torments of a hell though did not feel them on itself, but even from the seen you are horrified, saw Paradise and that the main thing has felt on yourself Paradise Pleasure which absolutely not probably to retell words.
But then, at the first steps to God, I would like to help everything, both native and another's. Here then to me have given the next lesson.
I as has fallen to a hell saw, and have seen the ancestors tormently. To help them, I took some persons, from a rope the friend for the friend as climbers do it as though connected, and then clambered on rocks, stones, trying вылезть from a hell and to pull out ancestors. But I did not have not enough forces (sanctity) and I broke and fell downwards, in a hell. I reduced quantity of souls and again tried вылезть, but again broke and fell. In the end I took only a three, but also with three I could not get out upward. In the end I have left, and they and remained.
Then I yet did not know the price which should pay, at least for one soul that it to deduce. For such business the person at young age should leave our world both leave in a monastery and devote the life to God for the rest of the natural. I already described the story «a message from a next world» when the dead has come to the friend from a next world. Here such is the price for the help …

Here one more example from life. To press here: while the page is absent

How it is possible to facilitate stay of ancestors in a hell?

All of us people are mortal, but everyone understands death on the … …
Here some years, me souls of the died people which I well knew at their life in the sleep are. Each time they say only one that it it is very heavy and that they need though in what be the help … Therefore that who during lifetime well to me concerned, always respected and never offended, I will try though than that to help, though it and absolutely another's people. Certainly they at all have children and grandsons but so happens that they have lived life without God and children to it were taught ….
Each soul of the died person needs in поминании, is not dependent on that where it is, in Paradise or in a hell. For this purpose the orthodox belief gives us possibility to remember deceased through church. For this purpose even special days – are taken away parental Saturdays. And everything which are not believing even not people try to go on places of a burial place of the relatives (on them могилки) and to remember the relatives. Truth in most cases it is not correct and instead of simplification do to soul harm since remember not a prayer to the Lord, and wine (alcohol). Each time when the deceased remember alcohol, instead of simplification, to a shower it becomes even heavier, as a switch on a back ….
Knowing people assert that the soul deceased needs in поминании 33 years, but most лучим as a hobby, is eternal поминание. Certainly presently very few people knows the deceased relatives on, and for church поминани¤ the knowledge of a name on a christening is required, therefore died for a long time remain without поминани¤. For this purpose there are prayers for all sort, and believing people should say such prayers in the mornings.
Besides for this purpose there are other ways and one of the main things is a feeding of birds. This way helps even more than поминание through church, besides it helps both to souls of suicides and not read the burial service which cannot be remembered through church, but after all they too were people and often is much better and kinder than inveterate people ….

Even very good way to help dead, it to submit money for church. The way is good that it is possible to help whom that concrete and even to absolutely another's person. When lower money speak: «for the deceased slave Divine (name). јминь». In this case the money (help) will go not for everything, and for the concrete person (for soul). Money usually lowers at a crucifixion. Here it is necessary to consider the main thing: the submitted sum should be even (to share on two) and to do it it is necessary so that nobody saw, or at least as less as possible human eyes. This theme is shined in the writing to whom is interesting find this place. As it helps dead, to me showed in the sleep, but tell I it I can not, therefore, I can firmly tell that it is one of the best ways.
If lowering a money to tell «remember My God all deceased сродников mine. јминь» the help will go to all deceased relatives by birth. Also it is possible to submit for live, for from health. Once again I will remind what to do it it is necessary secretly, it is impossible to tell about it even the native. Therefore it is better to do it on simple days when in church there are not enough people. Some people think that submitting on church holidays, the advantage more – is not present, it not truth.
Also it is possible to give alms in the street, here it is possible to submit even for not inveterate deceased and suicides since in church it is impossible to do it. Submitting should try to put money not in a hand, and in ware or to make so that the hand did not concern hands, differently it is possible to give all good from itself. I repeat that the sum should be even. In this case it is necessary to think simply about itself «for the deceased slave Divine (name). amin». It is possible to be assured that Angela – the Keeper all will transfer to God the same day.

Souls of people which have lived terrestrial life justly (without murders, abortions, wine, a floor-mat, larceny, прелюбоде¤ний, acts against church, belief, in posts and prayers, observing even behaviour and clothes rules), are not a purgatory, and in the Divine sky and consequently the help certainly need much more, much less, than souls of sinners. To such souls it is possible to address for the help as to sacred …, only it is necessary to know that souls of the dead have character, at what same as at terrestrial life.
It is necessary to know also that during giving of alms, thoughts of the person should be pure. If in a head the thought suddenly flies that the pier can I submit much (it is thought crafty) practically all will be useless. Likely many consider that servants crafty in church are not present is not truth. Also likely poor people think that they can submit a pier, if are interrupted for copecks, and rich can submit much and help the deceased more. It not truth. This theme is shined in the writing. Angela always considers not the sum, and percent from well-being of the person and by that, the beggar always can submit more than the rich!
Well and the last. Each believing person should pray on morning at least for twenty minutes where it is necessary to say prayers for deceased, remembering them on names, and also prayers for all sort, except the big church holidays when the deceased do not remember. Well and certainly to try to live justly. Parents and primogenitors, souls deceased, in the answer for the children before God and if the live live in a sin (with wine, larceny, прелюбоде¤нием, with a floor-mat, without posts and prayers) they take away at dead last hope of the Divine pardon. So, after the Doomsday the given sort will simply pass into nothingness, as though it and never was ….
For those who does not know, I will tell that on поминальным to parental days it is impossible to wash, erase, drink alcohol and to use foul language, differently to souls dead to become even more hard.

P.S. For example in magic there are ways thanks to which it is possible to learn where, to be in what place the soul of this or that deceased as it is possible to see where any person, after death since on each human soul all is already defined will be defined. Too most it is possible to elicit at Sacred (without using magic) to learn about any deceased, but for this purpose it is necessary to come nearer to Sacred then also Sacred will come nearer to you. The soul got to a purgatory, anything cannot already help itself, all hope only on children and grandsons who should live very justly. Well and if such is not present, also hopes of rescue are not present.

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Here conversation on the world beyond the grave, about Paradise and a hell where who is will go how it is all looks, where there are souls of governors, whether it is possible to deduce the died parents from a hell, weights of sins, what how many weighs how to pray for forgiveness sins, as the clothes form influences afterlife how to help dead, how to deserve a good place in the next world, about drunkenness, love as all it influences after death Е in general that the Lord has shown, all I will tell Е. Excuse, what not all at once I describe.

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