if to ask any person, their leaving temple - where there are its died relatives? - That likely the answer will be short - I DO NOT KNOW.
The same answer will give also love the cleric, only having added that hopes that the Lord has forgiven their sins and has accepted in Paradise.
The mankind now has enough evolved dramatically in the development and people have learnt to arrange belief under themselves. Even priests are engaged in business, and preaching people - a pier simply, confess also the Lord will accept you in Paradise. Not really you the people having of some higher educations, speaking in several languages, think that for that that you sometimes in church put candles, God will allow you to drink for it from an eternity bowl from which drink Sacred which have completely refused this world, having lived a life in hunger, poverty and persecution, and still having accepted martyr death for belief. After all the Christ spoke - if blind conducts blind both in a hole will fall. Never believe that having lived it is modern, it is possible to enter into an eternity Temple, God is mercy, but It also is very fair. God never hid secrets of the invisible world from searching and thirsting to learn true as it is told - search and will find, knock and will open …. But the person should pay for an eternal life … … be are obedient to God in all and the Lord will open to you a door to secrets of afterlife. When you will see it, to live as all of you already never can!!!

Attention! The given site is translation from Russian, as the author of a site the citizen of Russia. Transfer is made by the electronic translator, therefore some offers or phrases can be translated not absolutely precisely. I apologise.

I was born on November, 10th, day as day, anything unusual, but only from the infancy different troubles began to occur to me. Has begun that have poisoned me with mercury, have brought to hospital it is already possible to tell not the live. Then the medicine was weak also doctors have simply given up as a bad job. But I remained is live.
If to tell all miracles there will be thick enough book and there is no in it a sense, yes misfortunes such do not tell (a bad sign).Сейчас I any more do not remember, what dreams visited me, when I was the child, but I always that be, saw in reality. Images were even when I was not one, but others it did not see.
Certainly, I never told to nobody about it, even to parents. I was very closed child. Besides then struggle against religion, and in general was conducted, me simply would ridicule. But that God is, I always knew it and trusted. Certainly I did not pray and did not fast - there was nobody it to learn.

Force of a prayer.

I do not remember where, I read how one prince (in olden time), has recovered by means of a prayer to the Virgin (to Virgin Devo, Rejoice …). He was learnt to it by the healer who has told that the Virgin told a pier: «Who 150 times will read my prayer, I will help that».
And here that it also has emerged in a head and I have decided to try, all was not equal other exit. Here then I, gritting the teeth, has slipped from a cot and for the first time in a life has knelt, before a small icon which simply rolled in the house. Read for once 150 times a prayer I could not, the pain in feet has not been taken out also I read on 50 times, each time with tears from a pain creeping on a cot. In the morning I have felt that it became easier, the pain began to weaken, I could have a sleep a little. So I did every day, and in three weeks I have come to work.
So for the first time in a life I have learnt force of a prayer and that it is heard. Certainly, since then has passed many years and on favour to the Divine me it has been allowed to get rid of all illnesses, of course, made not that way which is described more low, but all has begun with it.

Make this prayer so: I read 10 times «to Virgin Devo.», then 1 time «our Otche,» and once «Mercies of a door …», at each prayer are christened and bow, then again 10 times the Virgin, 1 time of Otche and 1 times Mercy the prayer to the Virgin will not be made yet 150 times. That is 15 blocks will turn out. It is possible not all blocks at once, but it is obligatory in one day. Do all it in a lap, before images of 12 days to a number.
During reading in the house there should not be dogs at all, cats do not disturb, the main thing that they would not look at you at this time.
These days I have seen for the first time the phenomenon of the Lord.
I have a dream as though I stand in our old house and suddenly not whence there was light, very bright, white. It was as though the big sphere, on similarity of the sun, but light was very white, beams all departing from a sphere were poured by white-silvery colour, very much, very bright, beautiful and bewitching. The sphere slowly bypassed near the house, and then has stopped at a window. Light proceeding from It, was much stronger than the sun, but as though reached eyes and stopped and by that, it was possible to admire It without covering an eye from brightness of light. Then the Lord has started talking ….
In the end the Lord has told - it is time to you to come back. Me began to rotate counter-clockwise, all faster and faster and suddenly sharply I have appeared in our measurement.
All dialogues, I will conceal, excuse, it cannot be told. In general people consider that if something from God it is possible to tell to all world. No, my dear, after all the Christ knew during lifetime all secrets not the visible world, Solomon knew, apostles knew, but unless they have left after themselves what that manuscripts, or from
Lips in lips to someone told - is not present?!
The belief is a sacrament, here again there is a line for which do not cross.
The second time the Virgin with the baby on hands in the sleep was. It was in a next world. She has been dressed in ancient clothes and was young and very beautiful. With it still there were 12 women and everyone had a baby. They stood hardly further a semicircle and conversation did not enter. The virgin has approached and has stretched the baby - Take the baby, calm - She has told. I took the baby on hands, and the baby has begun to smile and has started talking ….
In the end the Virgin has accepted the baby, has turned on the right and has gone, behind it other women have gone, and I have bowed to the earth and stood so while they have not disappeared. Unfortunately already in couple of days I do not remember exact features why - that it is forgotten, and can so it is necessary ….
In general what to have true belief - not simply enough to go to church, to pray at home, to observe posts, to live justly, true belief it is what absence or doubts in any told word, a word turned to belief. For it is told - tell a grief to pass and it will pass.
And here what to show my small belief and that belief washing has become stronger, that there were no doubts which unfortunately constantly creep in in thought, to me have shown in dream of the Lord going on clouds. There was a good, solar weather, and from an East side, on the big cloud I have seen the Christ. He has been dressed in long white attires. The most interesting here that, on the one hand It was as though far, after all clouds is far, and with another, as though nearby, before me. Here was some kind of an optical deceit which to understand not probably.
In general how many time, staying in the spirit of in the next world I first to that always was surprised, that our terrestrial physics there does not operate, the phenomena though in Paradise though in a hell, all that you see that surrounds and it is absolutely not clear as all works ….
In the fourth time the favour of the Lord has descended in day sacred Annas. I have seen, how I stand in transition between our measurements. "Door" has opened and Anna with the son has entered and began to tell about soul transition in afterlife (as it occurs). When it has finished the story, the door has again opened and the Christ has entered. It was in an image of the person, dressed in ancient self-woven attires, grayish colour, length to the floor. It was by the form clear that It not thin, but also not full, and if my growth 173 it was by the form clear that It above me growth. It has entered silently and as though without turning on anybody attention, has stopped at a transparent wall, and silently stood, looked a thoughtful sight in a distance, and in a distance there was space and our beauty a planet.
It is a lot of years me tormented some question on which there was no answer, I set of times reflected over it, - all can in vain - I thought?
And here is how time here to me also wanted to ask the Lord. I began to approach slowly to the Christ, but with each step to me the fear what I never tested at a life increased, the fear with each step accrued and without having reached likely metre four the Christ, the Lord without turning a head, has started talking. The voice was equal and quiet, He has as though read my thoughts and all my questions. Here so I have received answers and after have already calmed down, since it did not allow to me to live easy. Then in the end, the Christ has told - that consider it necessary - tell!
And here visions from saints, have begun after the first vision of the Lord, since then much that was, all not probably to remember and write down, but the first vision from Sacred was in day of prophet Samuila.
I see myself standing in our temple and as if I explain to people that such smothering, and on the extended palms at me a certain sphere, (in the size hardly there is less than ball) it is white - bluish colour which as though soared over palms in five centimetres and all time rotated (such condition accept souls that it it would be easier in our world). After the story I have turned to our priest what to give it this sphere, it has extended hands and I have put to it on a palm but as soon as has cleaned hands, the sphere has as though turned to water and has leaked through its fingers as water …. That this dream … means.

Now about dreams from Sacred. People have already ceased to trust for a long time in such and someone considers it as fiction, someone by miracle, but those and others consider that it is impossible. Actually, my dear, all is very simple, and I too did not see till definitely time have not come yet to belief.
But how all the same to achieve?! The matter is that people come to belief different ways, and in most cases this way lasts some years, and even at all the person dies without having learnt true belief. In my life all was differently, then after healing, I have gone at once to a temple what to buy icons and books. I read all successively what to learn more about ARTICLES OF FAITH.
From the first day I have started to fast and tried to learn all about sacrament and force of posts, after all they happen very different, and their result simply enormous!!!
And so if the person nevertheless has decided to learn true, to see not visible, and to be honoured with favour Sacred the main thing he should refuse many delights of this world. The majority of people considers that the belief is a circulation in church on days off. No, dear ladies and gentlemen, BELIEF is an obedience to God, i.e. a way of life under the Divine laws. If it is told - it is impossible - means it is impossible also for discussion is not subject!
Usually the person comes to belief already with cargo of the sins, therefore the first problem to correct it, i.e. partially to pray for forgiveness sins.
The first is a prayer. Make its houses, everyone put in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, each time approximately on an hour. Prayers always make in a lap, standing do not pray at home. Also at least two times a week, it is necessary to make acathistuses to the Lord and the Virgin, and also sacred or sacred for whom you hope whom esteem. Necessarily, to hold all posts to uniform even if they drop out for a civil holiday. Besides, it is necessary to fast, when there is no a post. It do for the sake of a covering of sins and for the sake of sacred from whom you wish to achieve favour. In the people speak - without a post, the prayer is empty - the Christ spoke about it to the pupils. Besides, it is necessary to fast at least one more day of week (except Wednesday and) if can two days - it will be still better than Friday. In orthodox belief the post is the strongest weapon. If you do not fast, not Angela, not Sacred to you will not come nearer. Who read life of the Matron, that knows that she fasted still every Monday, it did it that the prayer would be stronger, for treatment of people.
Necessarily, refuse for ever alcohol any kinds if awake to use at least beer it will turn out nothing. Understand, it is obligatory, whoever you were, the shepherd or the president, the priest or the patriarch, at least once a month in a mouth take also all - the prayer will be empty.
Really you people think, what saints who have completely refused this world, and have still suffered from all its delights for the sake of belief, are to you lying on a sofa and sipping beer before a TV set???
It is very important to have patience, and to bite the uvula, the more be silent, the better. At me in a life happens that for a week I can tell only a few time hi. Do not talk at all in a temple, differently anybody will not hear you, that is Angela to turn away from you so, the Lord will not hear. As soon as have crossed a temple threshold - language on a lock, it is possible to answer only to the priest. Try not to enter simple chatter with the environment, simply depart aside and all. Try not to enter abuse, endure is better, be especially cautious on posts. Completely refuse a floor-mat. One abusive word can destroy everything that asked for a year, it very much not a good sin, people do not understand it, since do not know anything about sins. The Christ said that for each word we will answer. From people with a floor-mat all sacred turns away!!!
It is here too very important to clear the thoughts! That is all free time, your thoughts should be good luck. There are you or eat, sit or lie, say in mind of a prayer, certainly they need to be known by heart. It is the most difficult part, at least it was gave to me most difficultly. The person I creative, especially in different areas and all to have to think, but all wordly put should "be hammered" by prayers.
At once it will not turn out, time here is necessary, therefore here every day pray to the Guardian angel. Remember that it is the closest to you, always "sits" on the right shoulder and looks at you. It is afflicted when you sin, together with you rejoices to each your charitable business. Knows all your thoughts, all destiny, all troubles and sorrows. Without its help it is difficult to clear thoughts. Love it as itself!

As to love games it is possible to be engaged in love. In general, likely the majority of people consider that the intim is not comprehensible to sanctity is an error. For this purpose it is necessary to esteem life sacred, there this question is consecrated on examples. Though I too so considered earlier, when did the first steps to belief, but then to me have explained. But love games should be only marriage, i.e. you should be married, it is not important in what if only it was official, differently it is the big sin. Do not make love only on strict posts, it is last week before Christmas, Easter, Uspenem and before a confession, and as on the big church holidays or when, something beg - for example for health.
In more details about all life, about sins and about afterlife, I will tell on other page.
Except all listed, it is necessary to have still huge desire for achievement of this purpose. Therefore here huge will power when all Russia walks is necessary and has fun, you should is lonely to be kneeling on a prayer, thus also to be in a post and not once or twice, and always. You should live it desire, with it to go to bed, with it to wake up, with it to live day. All communication with other world is constructed on feelings, and the desire, the thoughts (thoughts have ability to be materialised), you awake to draw the other world.
If who thinks what enough to read prayers and it is possible to go to be engaged in business - that it that will not give, besides the word "business" is not comprehensible to the sacred.
It is necessary to mean also that the activity kind, your occupation should be absolutely fair without what or a deceit, spirits very sensitive, are known for it all your thoughts, all secrets, and that we people generalise all one expression that the pier business is business, it is not comprehensible to them.
Try not to waste time on the TV, and pray is better, especially on the first years of Orthodoxy. That there show on a TV set I do not know, at me it is not present much, it is a lot of years, the life is too short. The most important thing do not look a sensuality. It is the big sin. This sin, as well as abortion, murder, larceny, divorce, does not say goodbye on a confession, it needs to be prayed for forgiveness year, therefore not to make a sin is better, than then it to pray for forgiveness.
Besides prayers will not operate. Understand that it is not my fiction, I all it learnt from Sacred since all these questions me interested.

Certainly, someone will tell supposedly that it then for a life will be, if all it to observe, but it and is an orthodox way of life. For those who thinks that, having lived a life on modern, it will enter into Paradise, I will tell directly - you are waited only by torments. You would know as souls of the died regret for silly lived life since their hopes have not come true, and to correct that or, not so probably. From myself I will tell that already two times brought me in the sleep to Paradise, but a door for me
I have been closed also I do not know, whether forces all will suffice me to bear for the rest of the natural. Certainly, when you will follow a true orthodox way, probably that will laugh at you, but it needs to be suffered. You would know as over me all laughed in the beginning, even there were people who searched for possibility to send me in a madhouse, considering that I have gone mad. And after all these people have two higher educations, and the red diploma. Who can will tell that I joke - was not present, it is the truth, all it was. Certainly, since then has passed many years and for a long time already nobody pays to my way of life of attention. Certainly for eyes still laugh - and I laugh at them since do not know that for their horror waits in the next world!
In the end would like to address to people creative if such here will come. Likely all people consider that there is only Paradise and a hell. And souls get either there or here. Also that in Paradise all ask God, and in a hell all suffer.
But it not so, it is necessary to understand the main thing that there too the life, with the minuses - but is a life. The most important minus - is not present a body, but this time inconvenience. And if the creative person lives a terrestrial life justly it will have an opportunity to be engaged in the art eternally. Otherwise all your talent and all terrestrial glory will get only to hearts. And what palaces would not build, what Madonna you would not be, all will pass into nothingness, and even the native will not recollect, as though you and were not ….
And if you not in old age also have no mortal sins - that can be corrected, for the present late … … would understand what you rich imagination possessed, all of you cannot exactly present, value of the ETERNAL LIFE!!!
It would be desirable to wish all favour Divine for everything, prudence and wisdom, now it is the big rarity. Love each other, rejoice to each lived minute, do not put before itself the enrichment purpose - all it perishably. Do not quarrel, in the next world you will regret for it very much. The terrestrial life is madly short, do not spend it for trifles, it only examination, for an eternal life. Have fun, sing, dance, the sin in it is not present, it is just necessary to know time and a place. Do not put off that it is possible to make today. Be afraid of God, without fear before God, the belief does not happen. Be patient, try to forgive what even to forgive not probably, pray even for another's people who treat kindly you or concerned during lifetime. Be merciful ….

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